Geophysical Survey by SSS

Hydroconsult has been contacted by the company SETEC Invivo for the assistance to the Geophysical Survey by Side Scan Sonar for the Port Atlantique La Rochelle.

Hydroconsult team was in charge of :
– Assistance in the preparation of the project
– Supply of additional positioning equipment.
– Supply of sonar and bathymetric data acquisition and processing software.
– Mobilisation of equipment and calibration (GPS, USBL)
– Data acquisition and processing.
– Sonar data processing (mosaic and interpretation)

One highly qualified Geophysicist/Senior Surveyor and two Online Surveyors were mobilised for data acquisition and processing :
– Maintain the software and equipment functional
– Quality control of acquired data
– Sonar data processing and pre-interpretation.
– Delivery of all data related to the project execution in relation to the survey