About Us

Hydroconsult company propose since more than 10 years a recognized expertise in maritime and river industry all over the world.

We propose to our customers qualified and experimented staff in science and technology of Hydrography. Our teams are composed of technical specialists and engineers who are quickly ready to go on operation all over the world. The activities that we can realize are varied: a single surveyor (on line or data processor), a full operational survey team, party chief, client representative…

We are operational on every step : Equipment mobilization and calibration for hydrographic survey, navigation and positioning, data processing, chart editing.

We also bring a decision making support to our customers during establishment and evolution of a project.

Hydroconsult affords its employees different training in the field of hydrography, positioning, and in the use of specific tools and software.

We also provide training on similar subjects to our customers who want their employees improve their skill and knowledge on various topic, tools and software.

A technical support in French and English is also daily available from 08:00 to 20:00.