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Hydrographic Survey

During the last 20 years, hydrography has dramatically changed in terms of equipment performances, data management and results presentation and sharing.


Bathymetry has gone from one single beam to multibeams echo sounders linked to high accuracy GPS and motion sensors and lately inertial integration.

Tidal effects can be monitored using ultra high accuracy GPS or radar station and broadcasted in real time through wireless network to the acquisition unit.

Side scan and sector sonars have progressed in sensor quality and performances and are now linked to powerful acquisition and processing software that allow better field QC and online processing.


Hydroconsult has closely followed these evolutions and constantly upgraded its personnel skills in order for them to master the latest technology.

We do not owe any echo sounder, sonar, magnetometer and associated sensors, and have deliberately chosen to rely on market equipment which, to our view allow us to propose a pragmatic and dedicated response to any specific project for the benefit of our Clients

We have a similar approach over software and can propose most of the major data acquisition and processing hydrographical suites to our Clients with fully trained personnel.

We have developed partnership with most software providers that allow us to adapt to particular problems if needed.

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