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Geophysical Survey

Based on the measurements and analysis of the physical properties of the soil, Geophysical Survey allows the possibility to better adapt your project.

Furthermore to hydrographers, Hydroconsult provides survey engineers and geophysicists to install, commission and operate geophysical equipment in the field, as well as quality control, analysis and interpretation of data for reporting purposes.

Data acquisition plays a fundamental role in geophysical investigations. Depending on the type of field site and your project, it is important to use the appropriate methods. We seek our client’s interest, thus proposing the best alternatives for their specific needs.

Our geophysical experts specialise in the majority of geophysical sensing techniques (seismology, magnetometry, radiometry, resistivity, ground Penetrating Radar…) These methods have different application and equipment.

The term “equipment” refers to the entire instruments’ system, which is occasionally made exclusively for the project.

Over the years, Hydroconsult has been numerously involved in diverse projects on which our personnel have developed a great adaptability and knowledge of various devices, amongst them being; Side Scan Sonar, Sub Bottom Profilers, seismic and magnetometers systems.

Hydroconsult accompanies you in various geophysical survey applications namely underwater exploration, oil & gas research, UXO and wrecks detection, public works and environment, archaeological and engineering surveys etc.