One-week survey, Senegal River

From 1st to 10th November 2019


Context :
The phenomenon of floods in the Dakar region, particularly in the peri-urban area of Dakar has become recurrent in recent years. The new conditions created by the return of rains, the change in land use, the hydrogeological context, the dysfunction of the water system and the absence of a drainage system have fostered this situation which has also created social, financial and environmental issues.

To address the problem of flooding in Dakar region, the Government of Senegal,  is preparing the StormWater Management and Climate Change Adaptation Project called PROGEPI.

The objective is to reduce flood risk in peri-urban areas of Dakar and to preserve people living in flood-prone areas. The Municipal Development Agency is in charge of the preparation and implementation of this project.

To realise project activities like installation/improvement of rainwater drainage system, creation of retention pond, work on flood barrier, leisure areas and green spaces development MDA needed realisation of environmental studies.


Hydroconsult’s role:
Hydroconsult was subcontracted by MDA for the provision of Bathymetric survey on the Senegal River, from the DIAMA dam, to Richard Toll. One-week needed to realise the survey of 120 km using single beam echo-sounder CEESCOPE. An amazing experience for Hydroconsult surveyor to work and discover this desert area with wild beauty.